1. Trump is sayin what most of us are thinkin. Whether he's right or not... it doesn't matter. He's not afraid to say it.
  2. I don't wanna sound racist or anything but...
  3. Look at all these people lined up to hear him speak! It's a circus! Who else can throw a great circus like this? That's how you know he's gonna win.
  4. My relationship with Donald Trump is almost the same as my relationship with Jesus Christ.
  5. Donald Trump... He's like a prophet.
  6. We just want change. All's we want is change.
  7. Donald Trump is not a spineless regurgitator. He's not just repeating old slogans of other politicians.
    Ronald Reagan, 1979-1980: "Make America Great" Donald Trump, 2015: "Make America Great Again"
  8. We need to make America great again. I had an uncle in Vietnam, my grandfather fought in World War II, I want to experience what they experienced. The patriotism.
  9. If he can shut the borders down and build that wall like he promised he will, that's the best thing for this country. We shouldn't have to, but laws are made for people to break the law.
  10. Well, Obama IS a Muslim. He's anti-Israel. He is a Muslim. I don't even think he's an American citizen. That's never been proven.
  11. Shit, boy. It's a good thing they serving beer inside.