Wanna be super hot, but also wanna be super warm for Halloween? I have just the costumes for you!
  1. A pillow
    Cover yourself head-to-toe in cotton blankets and pillow stuffing. Nothing says "bed me" like a pillow.
  2. Slippers
    Find the biggest slipper at KMart, and get inside it! Listen the faux fur lining will keep you warm all night and everyone will be like "who's that sexy slipper" tip: red slippers are the sexiest!
  3. A hot bath
    Hot baths are the sexiest! Wear a full sized bathtub, fill with super hot water and hit the town! You will feel warm all night. If the water cools down you can always refill at a friends house or a bar bathroom. Add some soap bubbles for mystery.
  4. A sweater person
    Dress in a super comfy sweater, and spice it up by dropping one side off the shoulder, and if you feel a little too cold, just put that sweater back up on your shoulder.
  5. Oprah
    She's waaaaaayy sexy, but dresses super appropriate for cold seasons.
  6. A scarf mummy
    It's not like a scary mummy it's like a sexy mummy. Just wrap yourself head to toe in cheetah print scarves, (leave enough room for breathing and eating though) and you'll hear people behind you saying "oh my eff that scarf mummy is hottttt!"