If anyone sees my Dad tell him to buzz off
  1. My best friend Preston
    Moved to Indiana in 5th grade
  2. Parenthood on NBC
    After only 6 seasons! Too soon!
  3. My Dad at soccer practice
    Like, I had to walk home!
  4. Melanie at work
    She got a better job somewhere else or whatever
  5. My cat Fuzz when I was 7
    He goes outside all the time! Why didn't he come home!?!
  6. My Dad at the mall
    He dropped me off with my sister and then he just left!
  7. Summer
    Bye, whatever. Just leave like my Dad did.
  8. My Dad dropping me off at college
    Are you even gonna miss me Dad?
  9. My bike
    It may have been stolen, but it also might have left me like my Dad did
  10. My Dad at my sisters wedding
    He walked her down the aisle, then just left, to go sit down. Rude.
  11. The Burger King right by my apartment
    Closed down, just like my Dad