I took a 4 hour flight and all of these things were touching me at the same time
  1. The guy sitting next to me's (let's call him Keith) dumb arm
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  2. Keith's stupid arm tattoos
  3. Keith's hot mouth breath
  4. Keith's cool nose breath
  5. Keith's soft whispers as he had some stupid fucking dream
  6. My belt tightening around my bladder because I couldn't get up to go pee, because Keith slept like a worthless rock with his bulbous gut melting into the tray table
  7. Keith's sausage fingers, giving me gentle fucking taps as he had a nightmare, or some shitty dream.
  8. My knees touching each other. Despite having luxurious leg room in the exit row, Keith's fat garbage arm resting in my seat only allowed me minimal mobility in my Delta comfort cushions.
  9. A god damn pebble in my shoe