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After growing up volunteering in church, spending years getting an M.Div., and working in churches for 15 years, enough was enough. Note: "Church" for me largely means conservative, evangelical churches. That is my world of experience.
  1. I hate politics.
    If I wanted to be in politics I would've run for public office. I got sick and tired of having to influence the right people, make certain powerful people happy, jump through everyone's hoops. The Church shouldn't be a place where only the manipulative and those who play the game survive.
  2. Church culture is surprisingly confused about sin.
    I'm not commenting on debates about original sin or total depravity. Rather, I mean the church has this pernicious habit of classifying sins in completely backwards ways. Being gay is pretty much the worst sin ever, while gossip is almost completely ignored. Yet I've never seen a church destroyed or threatened by the presence of a guy and his boyfriend wanting to worship with other Christians. But I've seen churches and lives devastated by gossip and slander. Get your priorities straight.
  3. Size does matter. Usually.
    Big church vs little church. The debate never ends. Bigger organizations can do things smaller ones can't. But it's almost universally true that the bigger a church becomes the more committed it is to self-propagation than to actually loving people. The organization becomes an end in itself. And I have no desire to prop up a social club while sacrificing the people.
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I asked my wife and kids to tell me what they like to do with free time. Here's what everyone said.
  1. "Pokemon"
    My 10-year-old son loves Pokemon. He taught me how to play the game, and it's really kind of fun! Got some cards leftover from your childhood? He'll give them a good home.
  2. "Just Dance"
    My 8-year-old daughter saved up her money for a Disney version of the Wii game. She's got some great moves!
  3. "Use my imagination"
    I was a little surprised by this answer from my 6-year-old. But she does have a great imagination. Although, she rarely likes to use her imagination alone...she's quite the social butterfly.
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In no particular order
  1. My camera
    I love taking photos of my family. Here's a fun family selfie.
  2. Facebook
    I hate FB. I really do. But I check it often. I think that addictive nature of it is one of the big reasons I hate it. I most often post about theology/church and progressive politics. On the other hand, FB can be fun. Like this.
  3. Feedly
    Gotta keep up with my feeds! Here are my big categories.
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  1. The National Cathedral
    It's beautiful and awe-inspiring. The downside: it used to be free to tour, but now you have to pay...a lot.
  2. The Supreme Court
    The architecture of this building is pretty standard DC fare, but I enjoyed this stop recently simply because nobody was there. It was quiet and afforded a good opportunity to admire the details.
  3. The Sculpture Garden
    The art (including the fountain) is mesmerizing.
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If I could live a hundred lives, I'd probably pursue these careers.
  1. A stuntman
    When I was a kid I would watch all the behind-the-scenes stunt videos I could find. I thought it would be so much fun to be a Hollywood stunt performer. Who knows...maybe one day I'll get thrown out of a building window.
  2. A chef. Or maybe a baker.
    A few years ago I started cooking. And I fell in love with it! Now I do all the cooking at home. But I can't decide if I would be a chef (a friendlier version of Gordon Ramsay) or a baker. Hm. Decisions!
  3. A teacher
    I have a gift for teaching. And I really enjoy it. A lot. I could teach the Bible, having spent much of my life studying it (my M.Div. helps), but no one will want me to teach the Bible the way I would. I could teach English. I think diagramming sentences is fun. Weird, I know. I could teach...well, lots of the things!
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I love food. Especially good food. But for some reason, when it comes to pizza, I'm much less picky. So here's the list of my favorite pizzas.
  1. Pepperoni
  2. Yep. That's about it. I clearly need to branch out more. Suggestions?