I asked my wife and kids to tell me what they like to do with free time. Here's what everyone said.
  1. "Pokemon"
    My 10-year-old son loves Pokemon. He taught me how to play the game, and it's really kind of fun! Got some cards leftover from your childhood? He'll give them a good home.
  2. "Just Dance"
    My 8-year-old daughter saved up her money for a Disney version of the Wii game. She's got some great moves!
  3. "Use my imagination"
    I was a little surprised by this answer from my 6-year-old. But she does have a great imagination. Although, she rarely likes to use her imagination alone...she's quite the social butterfly.
  4. "Watch Netflix"
    My wife probably gave this answer for both of us. We're currently re-watching Friends, and are on season 7 of Bones.
  5. "Work in the garden"
    I love spending time in the garden. Pulling weeds is a bit therapeutic.