The age old question every hip-hop head has an opinion on and can debate for hours. When someone names their favorite you can't tell them nothing otherwise. But seriously it can change at anytime. So here is my top five favorite MCs/rappers: old school, new school, dead, or alive.
  1. 2Pac
    no one raps with the intensity or passion that pac did. he had the street grit of n.w.a, mixed with the social awareness of public enemy. pac easily became a favorite during my teen years.
  2. Danny Brown
    when I first started my hip-hop renaissance in 2011/2012 i randomly listened to 'xxx' and that was it. i hunted the internets for everything he made. this man is insanity in lyrical form. #theblackbradpitt
  3. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)
    his discography is the smallest of anyone else on this list. so hearing a verse from from him is pretty much a gift. his voice, his flow, his vocabulary is all pretty much a gift.
  4. Jay Z
    there's not really much i can say about this man. i mean it's fuckin jay-z. nuff said.
  5. Black Thought
    lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. thought is a monster. this guy really is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. 20+ years this man had never disappointed me in spitting out that fire. entendres, rhyme schemes, wordplay. hands down the talented mr. trotter is my favorite rapper ever.