Finishing my two week cleanse and reflecting.
  1. Why does the dog get to have cheese n bacon?
  2. Turkey spinach burgers are worse than they sound. Bison steaks are pretty darn good.
  3. Food Commercials during football games are targeted at me personally
  4. Alcohol and red meat were not terrible to give up. Caffeine and dairy were tricky.
  5. Paul McCartney should come out with his own brand of Maca Powder
  6. We invested in a high speed blender for smoothies. I can't wait to make my own less healthy but tasty Jamba Juice
  7. It's possible to get a hangover type headache without drinking.
  8. Apparently we own a vegetable steamer. I've been using it to boil pasta this whole time.
  9. Home made salad dressing is hit or miss but home made hummus is outstanding.