1. Bud lime-Ritas
    Maybe I'm late to the game here but, shit, this is a lot of bang for your buck. Two of those plus a little weed and we were good for the day. Also, unlike beer, these are surprisingly not that gross when they get warm.
  2. The fort itself.
    Great place to make out, especially if you want to pretend you're in a law And order episode right before the discovery of the body.
  3. The ocean
    Great wAves. Moderate temp.
  4. High ratio of attractiveness on nude/topless people.
    Usually nude/topless beaches are filled with people you don't want to see nude/topless. Not so here.
  5. Lots of space.
    And people basically leave you alone. We had a he section of beach to ourselves. This is pretty fucking rare, especially in New York. I guess the 15-20 min walk is a barrier of entry. No one is blaring bad music. You can actually hear the ocean.
  6. Ample hills Ice cream by the Jacob Riis entrance.
    Also, Fletcher's bbq.
  7. When's the listapp beach trip?