1. When you die in a video game but you have more lives so it's ok
  2. When you're dying for a beer but you're too lazy to go to the bodega so you drink vodka instead and then you're no longer dying for a beer.
  3. Death in Venice by Thomas Mann, which is not as good as The Magic Mountain but it's ok.
  4. When you die of heartbreak but you then you get over it.
  5. Death Valley
  6. When you're dying for a cigarette but then you remember why you quit to not get cancer but then you bum one off one of your students anyway and you feel better.
  7. Death Row Records, which would be better than ok due to great 90s output except for the fact that Suge Knight is so sketchy and maybe killed Biggie.
  8. When someone says "you're dead" but you're not
  9. When you're dying of thirst but it's ok because you live in a first world country where water is readily available.
  10. When a much beloved superhero (or villain) dies in the comics.
    Because you KNOW they will just be resurrected again in some stupid manner.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  11. When you're just DYING because you're laughing so hard
    Suggested by @mlh
  12. Live and Let Die - Guns n Roses, but McCartney is great too.
    Suggested by @asbroder
  13. The death of plants
    So vegans apparently believe
    Suggested by @jmc