1. Four Days In October
    Story of Red Sox 2004 championship. Happy tears are still tears people.
  2. Unguarded
    The Chris Herron story. Greatest junkie who ever played the game.
  3. Unbiased
    The Len Bias story. Nuf said.
  4. Once Brothers
    Vlade Divac. What a gentle giant.
  5. You Don't Know Bo
    Bo Jackson is a tragic figure if there ever was one.
  6. The Announcement
    Magic johnson's hiv announcement. Remember like it was yesterday.
  7. No crossover: the trial of Allen Iverson
    Dude had it rough man.
  8. Little Big Men
    Something so sad about these former little league stars whose lives peaked at age 12.
  9. Run Ricky Run
    Ricky Williams. Misunderstood. Mentally ill. Sad dude.