In sf for a few days. Staying downtown/tenderloin and mostly hanging in the mission, though I'm mobile. Where should I eat?
  1. ?
  2. Also Delfina has good pizza
    Suggested by @saraivry
  3. Taqueria Cancun on Mission St
    Suggested by @saraivry
  4. Yank Sing! Best Dim Sum in town
    Suggested by @Caroline
  5. 18th Street/Valencia Restos & Bakeries
    Delfina Pizzerie, Tartine, BiRite Ice Cream, Namu Gaji, then down to Valencia to get Craftmans & Wolves, Mission Cheese, Dandelion Chocolate, Tacolicious.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  6. Great Hunan
    Suggested by @dball
  7. La Taqueria
    Not open as late as Cancun (which is also great!!), but the burritos are 😘. Get your burrito dorado style.
    Suggested by @Jen
  8. Kin Khao
    Suggested by @Jen
  9. Burma Love
    New Burmese place in the Mission
    Suggested by @Jen
  10. Orenchi Beyond
    Ramen in the mission
    Suggested by @Jen
  11. Rich Table
    One of the best restaurants in the city. You need a reservation. In Hayes Valley. Try at least one of the pastas.
    Suggested by @Jen
  12. Burger at Mission Bowling
    Best burger in the city
    Suggested by @Jen
  13. Una Pizza Napolitana
    Pretentious, delicious pizza in SOMA.
    Suggested by @Jen
  14. Deliboard
    Best sandwiches. If you go on a Saturday, get the BK. In SOMA.
    Suggested by @Jen
  15. Trou Normand
    So much good stuff but especially the charcuterie. Sit on the patio if the weather is good.
    Suggested by @Jen