I wrote a piece about hipsters who collect 90s champion nba jerseys for the nytimes style section a few years ago and got completely sucked in to the point of buying a bunch of jerseys myself. A few of these I'm looking to. Would sell too, but more interested in fun trades for other jerseys or just other cool shit.
  1. Penny hardaway, magic. Size l 44. Reversible. Other side is black
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  2. Lj, Hornets. Size l 44. Prob my most worn because it fits best.
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  3. Reggie Lewis, Celtics. Size l 44. Took forever to find this. Wore it to game 1 celts/Knicks round 1 a few years ago whenever that was. Fit is a bit tight but I'll wear it if I go to a game.
    E023d519 e283 4f5f b200 b3538106ad31
  4. Dee brown, Celtics. Size xl 48. The prize of the collection. Took three years to find and I ended up paying way too much for it. It's too big for me and looks like a dress. except for a brief period when I gained a lot of weight, I've never worn this in public, though I guess I could tuck it in. More a showpiece than anything though.
    4a6b1c4a 326a 46ff 9a6f fd5e2392c1bb
  5. Kemp, sonics, size m 40. This one is on the trading block if anyone's interested. I will never be skinny enough to wear this again, sadly.
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  6. Chris webber, Michigan. Size m 40. Also too small. Would trade. Note: no name on the back of this one, just the number
    A4530a79 0bbc 47e7 99eb 627b7cbec560
  7. Wes unsell, bullets. Size large but fits like a medium (it may in fact be a you large, I've often suspected). Definitely too small for me. Looking to trade. This is he only non champion jersey of the bunch. It's a hardwood classics from Mitchell and ness I think. Great beach look.
    E6ca7a55 cb34 491b aa28 ce660996157b