1. Host, Johnny's luncheonette
    I was 15 and this job was insanely hard. I had to guess how Long it would take for a group to get a table and then get yelled at whe it took longer.
  2. Clerk, hmv records in the chestnut Hill mall
    We had to share shirts and they smelled.
  3. Clerk, mi casa "head shop" in the garage in Harvard square
    Had this job though most of college and it was awesome. Sold Indians tapestries to Harvard freshmen and rolling papers to teen runaways. Met cute girls. Got a free tattoo.
  4. PA on movies
    Kind of fun. But not that fun.
  5. Craft service
    Got hired to do craft service on a terrible indie movie. Quickly got fired.
  6. Sign holding
    While Living in Austin I had a job holding a giant orange arrow at a highway exit ramp. I had to spin the sign. Pretty good pay, surprisingly.
  7. Tv recapper
    First paid writing gig!!!
  8. Digital Proofreader, Simon and schuster.
    Checking PDFs of Ebooks to make sure they'd scanned correctly. Easiest job ever. 20$ an hour. Got fired.
  9. Clerk, Bookcourt bookstore, brooklyn.
    Great job. Wrote at work. Met Lots of writers and then cleaned the bathroom after them.
  10. Writer of "branded content"
    I blogged for Ralph Lauren, tweeted as one of Santa's elves, cried myself to sleep.
  11. Editor
    I edited a now defunct online newspaper called the faster times.
  12. Columnist , blackbook magazine
    Wrote a lot of columns about dumb pop culture stuff. It felt good. Wrote a lot of sentences.
  13. Adjunct professor, Columbia university and nyu.
    I complain a lot but it's pretty sweet.