1. Gchat w a friend about possibly going to the soul asylum/meat puppets show in ny
  2. Decide against going bc we only know that one soul asylum song and my friend doesn't even like it.
  3. This leads to long discussion of 90s one hit wonders. My friend likes collective soul. I expound on the greatness of blind melon.
  4. At some point I actually say "Shannon hoon had the voice of an angel."
  5. She replies "who the fuck is Shannon hoon?"
  6. I dig for YouTube videos that aren't "no rain" I find a clip from Woodstock 94 of hoon singing "soup" that breaks my heart.
  7. From there I find a video of hoon singing the velvet underground's "candy says" wearing red lipstick on some European tv show which also breaks my heart.
  8. I spend about an hour reading about hoon/melon on Wikipedia
  9. A half hour reading lyrics on genius.
  10. Rewatch YouTube live videos.
  11. See a link to a "documentary" about the band and click
  12. It turns out the documentary is actually vh1 behind the music.
  13. Watch it in bed.
  14. Think about how fun it looks to do heroin, then change my mind when he dies at the end.
  15. Feel unsatisfied by this behind the music so I order a biography of Shannon hoon on amaZon, amazed that someone wrote a biography of Shannon hoon.