1. "Your body's a wonderland" - @john
  2. "I've got a dick full of blood and a wide open heart to lean on" - Cody Chestnut
  3. "Gap teeth in your mouth so my dick's got to fit" - snoop
  4. "Wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black" -Kurt Cobain
  5. "Hey little girl is your daddy home? Did he go away and leave you all alone. I got a bad desire. I'm on fire." - bruce
  6. "I got something to say, I raped your mother today." -misfits
  7. "Behind the boathouse, I'll show you my dark secret" -The Toadies
    Suggested by @merida
  8. "Girl I wAnt to make you sweat, sweat Til you can't sweat no more. and when you cry out I'm gonna push it push it push it push it some more" - whoever sings this song