1. Shit
  2. Oh fuck, that was just the warmup
  3. Fuck fuck fuck
  4. I think I'm gonna vomit
  5. If I vomit at least I'll get to take a break.
  6. How are there still 50 mins left?
  7. What did I think when I signed up for a class called boot camp? That it would be easy?
  8. That pregnant lady is in way better shape than me
  9. Man, if this is any indication, real boot camp must be really fucking hard.
  10. The music in these classes is terrible
  11. Oh wait, now they're playing rage against the machine. I remember this song!
  12. To clarify, the music in these classes is still terrible.
  13. Is the point of a burpee to make you burp?
  14. The guy next to me has been going to this class for a year and he still has a gut the size of a medicine ball. This does not give me hope.
  15. Neither does the fact that I'm now being asked to do squats while holding a medicine ball
  16. Next year In Jerusalem, I guess?