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  1. This cat was such a purr machine. Got her when I was 6, lost her when I was 13 and can still work up a cry for her sometimes even though I named her Happy
  1. Dance School
  2. Old Cars
  3. Ninos
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  2. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
  3. The Shining
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  1. All puked out
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  1. Newest Edition
  1. I've been a daily meditator for the past 3 years and still amazed at how much it's improved the quality of my life. I literally view my practice as a friend that I get to spend time. This is an alcove space in my bedroom with a large East facing window. The chair swivels so I can set it to position to meditate or towards the room for other uses.
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  2. The Player
  3. Escape From Alcatraz
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  1. Warriors
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