Some of my favorite sites past and presentSome are very active. Some are gone or less active due to Facebook or a less active fandom.
  2. Youtube
    One of the friendliest fandoms in the past. Trolls didn't stay long-like Voltron, fans were defenders of the fandom. 😉
  4. forum
    This particular site had good fans and discussion; especially after a new manga chapter came out or a new episode of the show.
  5. Gallifreybase!!
    Doctor Who fans are the honey badgers of fandoms. They don't get hurt easily or give a shit about differing opinions. They just have fun and move on.
  6. Twitter when there is some fun word game trending.
  7. Livejournal
  8. Facebook before it got too political or negative
    Back when there were games like"my kitten," the original Gardens of Time, and you cold send people stickers and "drinks."
  9. My Space
  10. Euphoric Radio
    Rockin music and cool DJs you could request songs from and chat with