"Rare" shows that I watched growing up.

This is a list of shows that were either short lived or that few people remember. These weren't necessarily my favorite shows,but ones I liked.
  1. No Soap Radio
    A sketch comedy Staring Steve Gutenberg. Trivia- Jerry Marin was also in it. He's the last surviving munchkin from Wizard of Oz. He's 96 years old! 😊
  2. Love Sidney
    It was about an artist who takes in a little girl and her mother.
  3. Not the Nine O'clock News
    A British Sketch comedy and news parody show. I think we got one season on our PBS stations.
  4. Baby Makes Five
    Accountant adjusting to life with 5 kids after his wife has twins. Cute show. It's a shame it didn't last long.
  5. Double Trouble
    A show about teenage twins.