Back in high school I liked a boy, He asked for my phone number but didn't call for over a week-a lifetime in teen years So instead of being down, I decided to make a list of why a guy may not call especially when it was HE who asked for my number. It started out serious but became a fun activity!(eventually he did call and we dated for 2 years)
  1. He doesn't like you.
  2. He doesn't miss you.
  3. He's insincere.
  4. He doesn't care.
  5. He's busy.
  6. He met someone else.
  7. He forgot you.
  8. He's lazy
  9. He thinks he has to call only when you want to go out.
  10. He's at a relative's house
  11. He's sick
  12. Doesn't feel like calling
  13. He's working
    ...Yeah, I've gotten some of these excuses...
  14. He's tired or sleeping.
  15. He's had enough after last week.
    ...this was the 80's we didn't see each other daily being in different schools...
  16. He said he liked you because he felt sorry for you.
    I thought at the ripe old age of 15 I was over the hill because I never had a boyfriend. I thought he asked for my number for this reason. I was wrong.
  17. He found something better to do.
  18. He likes it better at home.
  19. He's back to seeing someone he hasn't seen.
  20. He lied to you.
  21. He's a jerk.
  22. He thinks you don't like him.
  23. He's stupid.
  24. He forgot your phone number.
  25. He doesn't have a phone.
  26. He's dead.
  27. His phone's dead.
  28. He doesn't know his number rather much yours.
  29. He was so absorbed in tv that he forgot.
  30. He doesn't want to.