This is where I started to have fun with this list. 🙂 These lists mostly would work for either gender. My mom was a bit old fashioned and thought the guy should call. Not intending to be a man bashing list.
  1. He has amnesia.
  2. His life is in shambles.
  3. His wife is in shambles!!!
  4. His car broke down.
  5. He dumped you.
  6. He hit the road.
  7. The road hit him.
  8. He isn't strong enough to face telling you he doesn't want to see you anymore.
  9. He isn't strong enough to pick up the phone.
  10. He isn't home.
  11. You didn't give him your number.
  12. He's waiting for leap year to hop to it.
  13. He already called.
  14. He thinks it's pointless to talk to someone who doesn't hear him.
    This was funnier the way I really wrote it but now looking at it it's pretty offensive. Sorry people were tougher back then.🤗
  15. He thinks it's just pointless.
  16. You live next door. He can just come over!👍
  17. Why bother?
  18. He thinks he'd be waking you up.
  19. You're already there.
  20. You're just a passing fancy to him.