1. He has laryngitis.
  2. Someone else is on the phone
  3. He's on the phone with someone else.
  4. He doesn't know.
  5. You are not speaking to one another.
    Have you forgotten???😼
  6. You told him not to.
  7. No time.
  8. He's busy farting around.
  9. You're not home.
    We didn't have cell phones back then!! You had to be home to get a phone call!!!! Like I said before people were tougher back then! 😅😆
  10. He ate the phone.
    Must have been late at night when I wrote this one.
  11. He doesn't live here anymore.
  12. You didn't ask!
  13. He's at the funny farm!
  14. You're at the funny farm!!!
  15. You were supposed to call him.
  16. Give him a chance!😔
  17. He broke all his fingers!
    No voice dialing. You needed fingers to dial or push buttons. 😉
  18. He thinks he has no time.
  19. He was kidnapped.
  20. He's afraid of you.
  21. He had to do a favor for his mother.
    My favorite! 😉😉😉
  22. He can't find his phone under his junk.
  23. He's having an affair.
  24. You're having an affair!!😆😆
    I thought I was so clever.
  25. He's playing hard to get.
  26. He's just plain hard.
  27. It's too late.
  28. He hit a moose on the interstate!