1. 30's life
    A story about a 30 year old and his wife and their first baby. There life is normal and nothing tragic happens to them
  2. Futsuu High
    A story about teenagers that get along well with each other and the girls don't wear tiny mini sailor outfits. They also talk like teenagers and not 6 year olds. Kato, the boy all the girls like is NOT oblivious to this fact and schedules his dates accordingly. None of the girls are jealous.
  3. Giant lovely robot
    A giant robot that picks flowers and plants trees and battles no one.
  4. Sentai Apple Pie
    A group of five warriors that form a robot in the shape of their five favorite pies-all apple!
  5. Giant Robot in High School
    An oversized robot in high school that tries to fit in but he's literally just too damn large!
  6. Cowboy Hip Hop
    Struggling to help his country music loving mom and hip hop loving dad find common musical ground, Clint Avery travels through space as a hip hop country musician looking for the ULTIMATE song. Spoiler....... He dies at the end.
  7. Attack on Titan Enterprises
    A group of teenagers and adults take over the largest companies in the world and break them down into smaller companies that give more people a chance to be a CEO.
  8. Ninja blenders
    A band of ninjas join together to make smoothies
  9. Mundane girls
    A group of girls who do their schoolwork and have no magical skills.
  10. Ash Grows Up
    After becoming a Pokemon master,Ash settles down and marries whoever you ship him with and goes on Pokemon journeys with his kids.
  11. I wanna be the regular one!!!!!!!!🙂
    Sota Cashew was born with vibrant green hair and destined to be an anime character, but just wants to be normal
  12. Bland Boku
    About a kid with a functional family with parents who love him who struggles to unleash his hidden power because he's so normal.