There is always something I forget.
  1. FLOWERS!!
    I get focused on how to act when visiting someone in the hospital that I forget!
  2. Chairs!
    "We don't need anything, but can you bring some chairs?" "YES!" ......uh oh! No. Sorry
  3. A card!!
    We traveled 2 hours to see you. Packed up all the various stuff we needed for the kids to survive the drive, but fogot the card!! At least we got a gift.
  4. Change of clothes
    So "Uncle Buck" has a pool. Bring your suits. But "Awkward Annie" decides she's going to keep her shirt and shorts on while swimming. But doesn't bring a change of clothes. So she's stuck being wet.
  5. Towels
    Yup Uncle Buck, forgot that too!
  6. Medicine for headaches
    Annie hasn't had a headache for weeks....until now!