Gosh! This one's boring!
  1. Going to the beach
    I'm weird about that one. I don't like going to the beach until school is officially ended for everyone. Otherwise it's great excitement!!!!😀🎂Then a big let down 😞 because the kids still have 2 weeks of school left and studying. Though it's probably cooler at the beach.
  2. Overeating.
    It's too hot!!
  3. Getting trashed
    Too old for that and my teenagers will think I would need to go to AA even after a couple drinks. They are soooo overprotective!! 😄Plus it's too hot!Gotta stay hydrated!
  4. Partying
    Not invited anywhere but I will really enjoy the quiet time—Including staying fairly still because it's hot!
  5. Watching a weekend long movie marathon.
    Too much cleaning to do. Probably focus on chores that involve water. It's a bit hot here.
  6. Going outside unless it involves water and sunscreen!
    Hot weekend forecasted here!
  7. Taking a hot shower. 😝
  8. Turning the AC off!
    Did I mention it's hot here?????🤗