The truth is it's the show that helped me survive adolescence and I've kept in contact with some great fans of the show.
  1. The news is too negative. I need a little good conquering evil in my life.
  2. This latest version #VoltronLegendaryDefenders is the show is fans have been waiting for!
    The original characters are the stars of the show with the exception of Shiro, but he technically has the same name as the Golion Sven counterpart. He is also a great addition to the show. He's got more personality than Sven did.
  3. Because the show helped me through adolescence it has a special place in my heart.
  4. Much of the adult programming consists of either reality shows, unfunny comedy shows or drama shows that are too depressing.
  5. Great characters!
  6. Yes, even the new version!
    Sorry I cut off Hunk. The picture wouldn't fit.
  7. Ok here's Hunk
    He's the one character that was great in all the incarnations of Voltron! Well, maybe not Voltron the Third Dimension. That's the one fans try to forget.
  8. The hope that Keith and Allura will finally get together!!
  9. The show just makes me feel happy!😊☺☺😆