Sleigh Ride is the best secular Christmas song out there. It's so good that I have more than versions of it in iTunes. Here are my Top 10:
  1. Bing Crosby
    Pretty traditional version. I like Bing's backup singers.
  2. Ella Fitgerald
    Again, very traditional, but who doesn't love Ella?
  3. Jack Livingston Band
    I'm a sucker for big band music.
  4. She & Him
    I was so stoked when She & Him put out a Christmas album.
  5. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
    It's a slow start before hitting the typical Herb Alpert stride. Trumpet love!
  6. Squirrel Nut Zippers
    More brassy instrumentals! I love the New Orleans feel of this one.
  7. Brian Setzer Orchestra
    More sizzling horn parts. This whole album is great.
  8. The Ventures
    That's right, the band who recorded the Hawaii 5-0 theme song.
  9. The Ronettes
    The quintessential version for Christmas movies and tv episodes. Who doesn't love the Phil Spector Wall of Sound?
  10. Harry Connick, Jr.
    This album has always been one of my family's favorites.
  11. Barenaked Ladies
    The vocals on this always crack me up. Every single time.
  12. Boston Pops Orchestra
    Nothing beats the original. It's the most perfect and pure version of the best Christmas song.