1. Get them to put their name/number in your phone and text themselves
  2. Invite them to Starbucks (or a sandwich shop) where their names are on their order
  3. Ask them to spell their name (aka see step 1)
  4. Secretly ask their friend what their name is
  5. Then, using their name ask who their friend is (whom you just asked the favor of)
  6. Play a board game where names need to be written on a piece of paper to keep track
  7. Guess brazenly
  8. Get a glimpse of their credit card or drivers license when they pay for their meal
  9. Ask their last name, then ask the origin of their middle name. Usually they'll repeat their whole name
  10. Ask what their nickname is- then they'll tell you they don't have one, it's just ....
  11. Air drop a photo to them - that'll bring up the name of their phone
  12. Add them on Spotify / ask to share a song