5 Weekly Annoyances

These are simple things that are continually frustrating me day to day. Yes they are all first world problems...I am well aware.
  1. Drive thru pharmacies
    Yes, drive thru was made for its convenience and speed. I have found the drive thru pharmacy to be twice as long as if I had gone to the tropical forest and crushed the plants myself into the Prilosec that keeps me eating the tacos that I love. Yes! I could go into the pharmacy or the system of the drive thru could live up to expectation.
  2. Walmart has seventeen checkout lanes with only 3 cashiers.
    Listen I am all about job growth and if the demand is there the jobs should be too. Come on Walmart! I love your prices and thank you for having cost effective groceries now get in the economic game and hire some more people.
  3. When I ask for a side of ketchup at a restaurant and they bring me a baby Dixie cup sized thimble of ketchup.
    Do I need the extra sodium...No. Do I want it...Yes! Look if I am paying 12 dollars for a burger that is clearly the highlight of my evening. Help a brother out a just leave me the bottle.
  4. Drivers with AWD and 4WD
    Congratulations on your success in life that you can drive a vehicle that is safe and weather resilient, but for us people in our Yaris's and little cars made out of aluminum, who roll the dice every time we drive over 40mph we need you to slow down and in a blizzard pass with care.
  5. People that say kale smoothies taste delicious
    Look you want to eat healthy... Great! Just acknowledge that a green smoothie with chunks of foliage mixed with sea grass and avocado is not delicious it just isn't!