Don't know why but these are things I am totally unashamed about but still I harbor guilt for enjoying
  1. Walker Texas Ranger
    Don't care what season I love me some chuck Norris
  2. The Movie Enough with J Lo
    I watch it every damn time it's on tv
  3. The golden girls
    I'm not at all embarrassed I have always loved this show and I always will
  4. Mani Pedis
  5. Island of Dr. Maroe
    I may have spelled that wrong but the movie with Brando and Val Kilmer. Regardless of the plot or movie caliber those gentleman together is all I need
  6. Flood pants
    I don't look good in them, no one has ever seen me in them but I think my calves look fantastic!
  7. Cheap hole in the wall diners
    Never been disappointed and if I ever was it wouldn't matter because it's a cheap whole in the wall diner.
  8. Watching Naked and Afraid while eating steak and potatoes
    They seem so hungry and that makes me hungry...yes I do feel alittle guilty about this.