Weirdo, but I'm real though.
  1. Born in 1991, add it up.
  2. Grew up in Silver Lake (original hipster since berth)
    Original gangster (not really) from Silver Lake. Grew up down the street from Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Junction. You aren't from Silver Lake if you don't know what existed before Intelligencia. That coffee sucks, btw.
  3. Started XXLART in 2006
    XXLART was a design company I started out of high school. It was the start to my creative path which has developed ever year since.
  4. Started HYPEFEAST in 2014
    Actually started hypefeast before that, but didn't put it to use up until 2014. Currently the Editor for hypefeast.com where I pretend I know what I'm eating and never proofread what I write.
  5. I wear a Steve Jobs outfit
    Not really jeans and a black shirt, but I do wear all black daily. Black Levi jeans and a black Uniqlo t-shirt. It's my daily uniform & it's a way for people to recognize when me, cause I'm cool. (Not really)
  6. I love Apple
    Obviously, I wear a Steve Jobs outfit. No, but really he's my idol and Apple has always been the foundation that helped me on many levels. From creative content on my iMac to a synchronized workflow with my iPhone.
  7. I love beer
    I love beer, craft beer specifically. I'm on a quest to be the all-time greatest beer drinker. Just kidding, but becoming a brewmaster would be pretty sick. I smell beer and act like I know what it smells like, (notes of lies) that's what.