My mom always said, "You can just watch the DVD" but it wasn't the same. It was serendipitous, you just watched the commercials anyway.
  1. The Fugitive
    Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble (@mulaney just saw your stand-up on Netflix and it was perfect) a younger yet always old looking Tommy Lee Jones, the janitor from Scrubs
  2. Clueless
    You don't understand. This is an Alaia. Have to watch it. Quote it all the time. I am a 90s kid.
  3. Witness
    Always on AMC. Another great Harrison Ford film. I kind of thought I could be Amish after watching Kelky McGillis in this.
  4. Pretty Woman
    My sister got me watching it way too young but I was hooked. Classic Cinderella story or Cindafuckin-rella! I watched that too many times. I could definitely veg out in front of the tv with this one. You know, be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.
  5. Groundhog Day
    Bill fuckin Murray. Well it's Goundhog Day... again. I always drink to world peace. I've got you, babe. Best. Ever.
  6. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    I will forever and always love Matthew Broderick!