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The Roman Republic was a merit based society where to achieve power and virtue and glory were what you were meant to strive for. This created a lot of interesting characters.
  1. Marcus Atilius Regulus
    After being defeated in a battle during the first Punic War he was sent back to Rome to negotiate a peace deal, and was honorbound to return to Carthage to be tortured to death if he failed. He went back to the Roman Senate and said "Carthage is on their last leg, keep fighting!" He then, because he was honorbound to do so for not achieving a peace deal, went back to Carthage where he was tortured and killed.
  2. Julius Caesar
    One of the largest figures in human history. His idea and ability to politically unite the two most powerful Romans at the time, Crassus and Pompey the Great, and thereby make himself the most powerful of all, seems to me one of the most ingenious moves of any historical figure.
  3. Scipio Africanus
    Perhaps the greatest general Rome ever produced. Historically overshadowed by the fabulous Carthaginian general he defeated, Hannibal, at the Battle of Zama to end The Second Punic War victoriously for Rome. After Hannibal crossed the Alps he strung together a series of victories that had the Rome closer to defeat than she had ever been by a foreign power.
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So many books to read so little time
  1. Marcel Proust
  2. William Faulkner
  3. Mark Twain
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Vega is a very handsome adult puppy
  1. Looking youthful with big eyes.
  2. Snuggling with me in the morning.
  3. Sleepy.
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