A list about me, MattyP
  1. My marriage has little to do with romance and more to do with us being the same kind of crazy.
    And also fantastic sex. And also we love each other to the moon.
  2. That guy in the Cheetos commercial rocking out to Tell It To My Heart by Taylor Dayne is me.
    Not literally me, but it is my jam.
  3. I used to work with the wife of Jeremy Iron's body double for Die Hard With a Vengeance.
  4. I have a somewhat crippling fear that my life will start to pick up speed and before I know it I'll be old and alone and then die.
    Seriously, I should probably talk to someone about it.
  5. I also have random bouts of paranoia regarding being shot by a sniper.
  6. The Birdcage is my all time favorite movie.
  7. I could eat a number 7 from Jersey Mike's everyday.
  8. My wife and I have rewatched The Office(US) around 8 times(start to finish).
  9. For reasons I cannot explain I have become addicted to root beer.
  10. My wife is Bisexual and we have the same taste in women.
    Though I think she has a much better chance with Kate McKinnon than I do.