For some reason I saw this list app and I decided to do one and see what the fuck it is, so let's fuck all up in deez list app pussayssss. IM FINNA POST SOME PHOTOZ get rekt 4:20 FREE GUCCI MANE
  1. This is a man who drives a lorry for a living, he may do other things but his smile haunts my sole
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  2. This app won't allow me to show you the full picture, only square..... MBP
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  3. Someone told me to do this so I'm gonna give it a go on xmas day maybe
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  4. Keeping on Xmas theme this is a festive penis my cousin made one year at Pontins, Pontins was shit
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  5. Last but not least, Found this photo on Time Hop the other day and I lol'ed! RIP STEVE IRWIN
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