For some reason I saw this list app and I decided to do one and see what the fuck it is, so let's fuck all up in deez list app pussayssss. IM FINNA POST SOME PHOTOZ get rekt 4:20 FREE GUCCI MANE
  1. This is a man who drives a lorry for a living, he may do other things but his smile haunts my sole
  2. This app won't allow me to show you the full picture, only square..... MBP
  3. Someone told me to do this so I'm gonna give it a go on xmas day maybe
  4. Keeping on Xmas theme this is a festive penis my cousin made one year at Pontins, Pontins was shit
  5. Last but not least, Found this photo on Time Hop the other day and I lol'ed! RIP STEVE IRWIN