Feel free to add your own!
  1. Have an accidental child with a celebrity and become vicariously famous through that kid
  2. Get recruited for a porno and turn it down for a funeral I must attend
  3. Sleep with a Mormon woman once
  4. Have a "social circle"
  5. Get drugged with ecstasy so I don't have to consciously feel guilty for trying it.
  6. Start a band with one of Robert Plant's kids
  7. Get a cool nickname from my singular friend
  8. Get not fatally shot or stabbed
  9. Have sex with a mother before I'm a father
  10. Encounter, befriend, and domesticate a maned wolf
    Actually the coolest animal ever. Look it up
  11. Write and shoot a movie with a kangaroo protagonist who had a tough childhood growing up in poverty, but finds his niche as an historian focusing on boxing
  12. Be on Shark Tank and get 20% share of my idea
  13. Shit on something important to someone I don't like
  14. Finish sex synchronously with the final chord of Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song"
  15. Pretend to be an uber driver and take someone where I want to go based on what kind of adventure Id want to go on with that specific stranger
  16. Sue someone for minor injuries (I.e. Broken nail, stubbed toe) and take it all the way to court
  17. Have sex
  18. Get in a car accident where the other driver is at fault
  19. Make a citizens arrest
  20. Smoke out Seth Rogen and Seth Green while they debate whether it's worth it or not to fuck Tori Spelling
  21. Get listfamous
  22. Get back with an ex
    God I miss her so much