1. Find a drug dealer who you trust, but can't see yourself being friends with
  2. Buy weed from said dealer
  3. Smoke that recently bought weed
  4. Return to dealer and purchase more reefer
  5. Now you are faded and ready to cook some old fashion cannabis pot brownies
  6. BYOBM
    Bring your own brownie mix
  7. On a simmer, pour vegetable oil in a pot and get it steaming
  8. Pour weed into simmering oil
  9. Stir and let sit so the oil can absorb the weed stuff
  10. OPTIONAL: for more potent edibles, repeat process 8 and 9 again after straining out original weed bits and putting a fresh batch of weed into the already cannabis caked oil. Double dose, even triple can do!
  11. I don't know how to make brownies without a box, but after you have your oil, you can pretty much make anything involving oil.