1. On the road trip even?!
  2. Couldn't be from prom?!
    But actually at prom...
  3. Is he okay?!
    Psyke. This one is me, and I'm not okay
  4. Could she even at a game?!
    But they won!
  5. Is it a real smile?!
  6. Can he withstand all the haters?!
  7. What do you look at sad one?!
  8. Can you even taste when you're so sad?!
  9. Can he hold it in?!
  10. Clashing patterns?!
  11. Trying girls?!
  12. Do they really love pool like they say?!
  13. What does the world taste like?!
  14. Will you cry if you want to?!
  15. Why'd you let it all go?!