1. On the road trip even?!
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  2. Couldn't be from prom?!
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    But actually at prom...
  3. Is he okay?!
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    Psyke. This one is me, and I'm not okay
  4. Could she even at a game?!
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    But they won!
  5. Is it a real smile?!
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  6. Can he withstand all the haters?!
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  7. What do you look at sad one?!
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  8. Can you even taste when you're so sad?!
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  9. Can he hold it in?!
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  10. Clashing patterns?!
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  11. Trying girls?!
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  12. Do they really love pool like they say?!
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  13. What does the world taste like?!
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  14. Will you cry if you want to?!
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  15. Why'd you let it all go?!
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