Methods of gettin the job done
  1. Bongis Glasseus Rippus
    A bowl for one 😲 A bowl for two 😘 Community bowl (-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-)
  2. The Doobis Cannabis
    Sharing is caring, so share that drug cigarette like your Seth Rogen
  3. Pipeus Glasseus
    A member of the Glasseus family, perfect for an on the go sesh or a quick toke with your siblings
  4. Vapis Mechanicus
    The future of marijuana consumption. The most silent, yet deadly, modus operandi. 🚫 BEWARE: due to its odorless great tasting and easy to conceal qualities, you may not realize how high you are until it's too late. The couch and your headphones are your only friends now.
  5. Cannabis Edibuleus
    One bite and soar to heights beyond measure. 🚫 BEWARE: Do not consume before airport endeavors. The flight attendants turn into blackeyed demons, security is the funniest thing ever, and when the plane takes off you may find that you've become an astral projection.
  6. Bubbleus Glasseus
    Yet another member of the Glasseus family. A method of cannabis consumption, not quite as formal as a Bongis Glasseus Rippus and not quite as casual as the Pipeus Glasseus. Great for dinner parties and keeping the children entertained. (Does not make bubbles that float)
  7. Riggus Extremeus Dabbis
    A one hit wonderwall. You will hit a wall. And you will stay against it until you wake up/can move again.
  8. I'm so high