Zzzzz for all you sleepers out there
  1. The Partyed Out Sleeper
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  2. The Tanning, but Sun Burn Conscious Sleeper
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  3. The Newly Baptized Snoozer
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  4. The Burrito Sleepers
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  5. The Spider Eater Sleeper
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  6. The Big Lebowski-Pantsed Napper
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  7. The Daytime Dreamer
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  8. The Naked Bathroom Sleeper
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  9. The Imagined Blowjob Dreamer
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  10. The You're-on-My-Bed-Please-Leave Sleeper
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  11. The Sweet Jazz Napper
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  12. The Bus Snoozer
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  13. The Chilly Chum Bum Sleeper
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  14. The American Acrobat Sleeper
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  15. The Key to a Good Night Snoozer
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