Zzzzz for all you sleepers out there
  1. The Partyed Out Sleeper
  2. The Tanning, but Sun Burn Conscious Sleeper
  3. The Newly Baptized Snoozer
  4. The Burrito Sleepers
  5. The Spider Eater Sleeper
  6. The Big Lebowski-Pantsed Napper
  7. The Daytime Dreamer
  8. The Naked Bathroom Sleeper
  9. The Imagined Blowjob Dreamer
  10. The You're-on-My-Bed-Please-Leave Sleeper
  11. The Sweet Jazz Napper
  12. The Bus Snoozer
  13. The Chilly Chum Bum Sleeper
  14. The American Acrobat Sleeper
  15. The Key to a Good Night Snoozer