Who needs napkins when you have socks
  1. Id be okay with getting drugged if no one fucked with my body
  2. If I had Applebee's every Monday, Id have diarrhea every Monday.
  3. Tonight, after everyone leaves, I'm gonna pop open a bag of hot Cheetos and just sweat
  4. Struggling to remain relevant inside #collegein5words
  5. Cumming so hard you pee #collegein5words
  6. My spirit squid is a giant one
  7. Are there more chairs or more people?
  8. Bed bath and go fuck yourself this line is long
  9. I'm selling limited edition Coachella Kimonos. Let know if interested. Call # below VV
  10. Hand sanitizer...more like hand appetizer. That shit makes my hands nice!
  11. #octothorpe
  12. Florida's going downhill from here