1. Living Proof:
    “I have only used the PHD (Perfect Hair Day) shampoo and conditioner, but I love that it does a little of everything (smooth, add volume, condition, strength, and polish) AND the fact that you can go longer in-between washes is key.”
  2. Evo:
    “The ‘Ritual Salvation’ shampoo and conditioner really are amazing! Also, love my ‘End Doctor’ for post wash and ‘Salty Dog’ hair spray for the beach. The products smell amazing and are a great consistency!!!”
  3. Beauty counter:
    “I’ve been using this brand for years. No harsh chemicals in their product– love the everyday lotion and the shampoo and conditioner!”
  4. Davines:
    “Their purple LOVE shampoo and conditioner smells so amazeballs, and you can leave the conditioner in as long as you want because it isn’t super heavy and protein based.”