Right now, I'm the blues in your left thigh, trying to become the funk in your right. Is that alright?
  1. Rhythm
    The way the characters speak, even when they're not performing, is downright musical. Their sentences come together like lyrics, their cadences like jazz - or as how this neophyte assumes jazz to be.
  2. Groove
    A(n almost) two hour movie that takes its time, absorbs you fully, then drifts by like a breeze. The ending doesn't tie things together, giving us their happily ever after on a silver platter, but it leaves you content, happy with where they've ended up, what they've been through, where they're going.
  3. Nipples
    Some movies are aspirational. This one with its portrayal of good looking intellectual life and banter in smoky jazz bars is in no way exempt. Nina Mosley goes bra-free at home (not aspirational), the way her breasts look in her tank tops (very aspirational).
  4. Lust
    Sprawled out on a sofa / sifting through vinyl / stealing a smoke. All the trappings of the hipster life, no irony that this cynic is prepared to see/acknowledge. My life is close but not quite. This I want, this I like.
  5. Vibe
    I feel more worldly by proxy and isn't living vicariously the whole point of cinema?