Visions of a decent underground system floating through my head / driving in this country sucks but the alternative is suicide.
  1. Thoughts while picking out an outfit: Do I really want to be stuck on the Ring Road in this outfit?
  2. Goals while working out: Strong enough to change a tyre without male intervention.
  3. Thoughts while out late (pt.I): Am I alert enough to drive for an hour on a pitch black highway?
  4. Thoughts while out late (pt.II): Do I have it in me to deal with a broken down car on a pitch black highway?
  5. Strategy while choosing music: Something to keep my energy levels up, rage levels down, and distract me from the shit around me.
  6. Strategy while debating podcast vs music: How drained will the drive leave me and will I have any headspace left post-podcast to do anything work related?
  7. Thoughts while avoiding potholes: Tyres are expensive af.
  8. Prayers while entering petrol stations: No comments on my voice, no smiling at my boobs, no 'jokes' first thing in the morning.
  9. Thoughts while driving surrounded by staring guys: Get the fuck off my planet.
  10. Thoughts while stuck by the side of the road with a broken down car: Where's the patriarchy when you need it?