Metallica Albums Ranked

"The show is through. The metal is gone. It is time to hit the road. Another town, another gig. Again we will explode Hotel rooms and motorways. Life out here is raw but we will never stop, we will never quit 'Cause we're Metallica"
  1. 14.
    St. Anger
  2. 13.
    Death Magnetic
    How could Unforgiven III possibly be the best song? But yet...
  3. 12.
    Good Thought. Abso-fuckin-lutly!
  4. 11.
    Garage Inc.
    Train roll on...
  5. 10.
    Wheres you're 👑
  6. 9.
    Give me an M. Give me an E. Give me a T. Gimme fuel gimme fire gimme that which I desire 😮
  7. 8.
    Live shit, Binge and Purge
    Fuck yea 🤘 "Come on you pussies!"
  8. 7.
    The Black Album
    "Now, where did the idea come from to do a completely black album, Metallica representatives?? If we could put the name Metallica on our albums we'd have no problem."
  9. 6.
    Kill'em All (Metal Up Your Ass)
  10. 5.
    Hardwired... to Self-Destruct
    😇 On 🔥 (🤘)
  11. 4.
    Garage Days, Revisited
    🤘Fuck Yea! 🤘
  12. 3.
    Ride the Lightning
  13. 2.
    ...And Justice for All
  14. 1.
    Master of Puppets
    I give it 5 "Arms Wide Opens"