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  1. Mashed sweet potatoes
  2. Basil rolls with ginger sauce
  3. Challah
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These Snapchats were inspired by the fact that I am in a production of the show and also dislike doing homework
  1. Warner Huntington III
  2. Brooke Wyndham
  3. Professor Callahan
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I tried them so you don't have to.
  1. Prank calling your middle school teacher whilst in school
  2. Starting not one, but two papers at 10 pm the night before they're due
  3. Asking a guy out right before finals so that you can't go out for at least a month and have ample time to overanalyze it
    Update: spend two months getting super pumped for it and then have him avoid all communication with you!
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  1. Think of your topic way in advance
  2. Give yourself random work times
  3. Blow all of them off
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  1. PROCR 102: Staying up for Hours and Accomplishing Nothing
  2. AESTH 320: Advanced Hair Braiding
  3. ENGL 411: Close Reading Sources That Have No Business Being Close Read
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Disclaimer: I am not actually a certified Zumba instructor.
  1. Tell your class that you are not actually a certified Zumba instructor
  2. Do whatever you want
  3. They will follow everything you do anyways
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  1. Self portrait
  2. 'Terminesto' aka my sister as a Terminator
  3. Decent grades
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Drawing snaps for a living: the dream.
  1. I am the one who knocks//finished Breaking Bad
  2. A truly amazing round in the Spinagogue
  3. Snapechat
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  1. Karla Deras
  2. 60 year old men
  3. The 60s
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  1. Yeah I've totally heard of that band
    I haven't
  2. I've written about two pages so far
  3. I don't know him/her personally but the name sounds familiar/I know of him/her
  4. I wasn't napping
    I was