Drawing snaps for a living: the dream.
  1. I am the one who knocks//finished Breaking Bad
  2. A truly amazing round in the Spinagogue
  3. Snapechat
  4. Homework was gettin on Minervs so I had to McGonago to sleep
  5. *bein serious*
  6. Shirtspiration
  7. 'If I don't work, my grades'll be under the C'
  8. Scary train ride
  9. Return of Game of Thrones
  10. My Toothless looked more like Stitch
  11. Registration didn't go so smoothly
  12. I have a Monster fridge in my room
  13. It does terrible things to my health
  14. Teeth by Emily
  15. So
  16. If you are a real person looking for someone to run your snapchat
  17. You should holler at me
  18. Which is me
  19. Or add meh @emidanzig on snapchat
  20. Which is also me