1. Creating and implementing unconventional ways to wake my sister up
    ie dangling food near her face and sending my dog in to 'ATTACK'
  2. Editing tweets until they are *perfect*
  3. Taking hypothetical jokes way too far
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  4. Staying up to ungodly hours accomplishing seemingly nothing
  5. Puns
  6. Relentlessly ignoring someone that I am attracted to
  7. Snapchat art
    Actually what I want to do with my life
  8. Remembering and dwelling on small details that no one else cares about
  9. Procrastinating
    I was going to make this list 3 weeks ago
  10. Reading wikipedia summaries of films and pretending I have seen them
  11. Reusing jokes that worked before
  12. Spreading the unironic use of terms such as YOLO