Requested by @Deanndre
Oh wow thanks for the request @Deanndre So embarrassing moments have followed me around my whole life. Walking around with my zipper down, a nice chunk of food lodged in my teeth, tripping in front of a crowd of people. You know the classics. I always find a way to laugh at myself though because I have to.
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    Here are some of these moments that first come to mind when I'm asked this question.......
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    A few years ago I was dating this guy and he worked at Whole Foods. I would usually find excuses to go and pick up random things just to see him.
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    It was a nice hot summer day and I decided I was going to pick up ingredients to make a face mask. One of these ingredients was apple cider vinegar. Which if you know, apple cider vinegar really stinks.
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    So I'm heading out the store and I'm holding my heavy paper bag on my hip. He happens to be pulling carts in the parking lot. I happily release one of my arms from the bag for a nice big wave hello.
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    All of a sudden my grip loosens and I feel the paper bag release from my arm. It crashes to the floor and the bag becomes all soppy.
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    As if it's not embarrassing enough that I dropped my groceries like a clutz the whole area starts to smell very badly of this foot smelling apple cider vinegar because of me.
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    The leg of my jeans was soaked in it and it got all over my flip flops and feet. Eeekkkk
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    He walks over to help me and is welcomed by the horrific smell. And he's all like "What's that smell???" And I'm just shrugging like "Yea that's me". I was mortified and was standing there smelling like a giant foot.
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    Now there was this other time I was visiting Washington D.C. I decided I was gonna do some exploring and I also decided I was going to wear some new boots that I got that needed to be majorly broken in so they were a bit stiff and uncomfortable to walk in. Bad idea I know.
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    I ended up in this store that had 2 levels.
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    Once I finished looking around the top level I made my way downstairs.
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    I guess I was walking a bit sloppy but before I knew it I sorta trip and make my way down about 5 or 6 steps. I still don't know how I did this.
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    And landed in a seated position next to an Australian man. Yes on the exact same step he was sitting on.
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    He asked me if I was ok and I just looked at him wide eyed wondering how that happened. My face got super red and I laughed it off in that awkward way. Plus my butt hurt super bad and I walked out of there trying to act like I wasn't hurt but really was. That was a fun moment!
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    Ok now this one of my favorite embarrassing moments.
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    It goes way back to middle school on the bus ride home.
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    I was in 8th grade at the time. And I was always considered the motherly/grandma of my group of friends. I was always guiding my friends to do the right thing. Sorta quiet. Never cursed.
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    So we're on the bus and this boy starts singing Nelly's - Hot in Herre.
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    He looks straight at me and sings 🎀 Its getting hot in herre, so take off all your clothes🎀
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    I was quite paranoid and thought he was actually being serious in the moment. So I looked at him and in a very stern voice said "No."
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    It fell silent and everybody looked at me.
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    I sunk into my chair on the bus. My cheeks were flushed and I realized he was just joking. I was quiet the whole way home.
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    So yea these are just a few of the many embarrassing things I've done and I'm sure there are plenty more to come!